Fiberglass Panels

There’s many homeowners out there looking for light and cheap garage doors for their home or even their storage buildings. If this is what your looking for then getting an older style garage door made of fiberglass panels will definitely do the job.

The construction of the fiberglass panel on the garage door is very lightweight and allows light to seep through the garage. The cost is very low for a garage door made with a single layer of fiberglass.

On the garage door there will be an aluminium frame that supports the fiberglass panels. If you’re living in an area that’s surrounded by a lot of saltwater. Then having a garage door that’s made with fiberglass is the best way to control and reduce salt or air corrosion.

Ordinary metal garage doors only take a short amount of time to show damage from saltwater and air. Even the metal doors that’s covered up with corrosion resistant type of coatings will have problems from the saltwater sooner or later.


The Issues With Using Fiberglass Panels


One of the problems homeowners have with garage doors made of fiberglass, is bad protection against burglary.

These type of doors will not do a good job against intruders trying to break in someones home through the garage. Plenty of thieves out there will actually target peoples homes that have garage doors made of fiberglass because they are the easiest to break into.

Another problem with fiberglass panel doors is the lack of insulation. If you just so happen to live in areas with extreme cold weather then these type of doors aren’t good to use. You’ll quickly find out that fiberglass panel doors break like glass in cold weather.

You will start to see damage to the fiberglass material even when you simply open and close the garage door. The fiberglass material can turn a dingy yellow color when it’s expose to direct sunlight. The garage door made of fiberglass can also be very noisy during wind storms or when you raise and lower the door.

Garage door panels made of fiberglass is obviously not a very good material to use in areas that are in coastal high wind zones. Most of the time you will not get building code approval in these type areas anyway.

Because the fiberglass garage door is the most vulnerable in all structures. Even though it may be the lowest cost when building your garage door panels. We do not recommend installing it for your home.